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Daily need of multivitamins in the Human Body

The dietary guidelines that are essential for the growth of the human body are expected to be followed by the people failing which daily intake of multivitamins would become inevitable. Nutritionists suggest that taking vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and other nutrients from the food is better, as the fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial than the dietary supplements in tablet form. Nutrients taken from food will provide fiber, phytochemicals, nutrient balance and antioxidants that are helpful to fight against the disease. It would be necessary to consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

The daily requirements for proper nutrition can be satisfied by taking foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy products, beans and low-fat meat and poultry. The fundamental details of the dietary requirements every day can be studied from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans- 2010. The requirement of a nutrient differs by gender and age. To check whether a person would require a vitamin supplement every day, it is essential to evaluate the amount of vitamins needed by the body and the amount that is obtained from the diet.

The guidelines of dietary supplements will be able to help anyone by disclosing the amount of vitamin that has to be given to the body based on the gender and age. It is possible to determine whether the body takes appropriate amounts of vitamin daily. An individual should learn about the nutrients present in the food that was already taken by him or her. The further intake of food during the day should be evaluated to find out the amount of vitamins taken by the individual. Several online resources help us to investigate on the food given as the first serving. In some cases, blood tests will help us to identify whether iron and vitamin D are present sufficiently in the body.

Taking vitamin and mineral supplements every day is an option for the people who do not get necessary nutrients from the food they eat. There might be several reasons for not getting enough nutrients from the food. The website will help us to create a personal plan, which can tell an individual about the quantity and type of foods, he or she has to eat per day. Meals should not be skipped unless the person takes enough calories during the remaining part of the day. According to the guidelines released by USDA, fruits, whole grains, vegetables are needed for proper nutrition along with the fiber requirements. If any one is not taking these foods, it might be necessary or him or her to take multivitamin supplements.

If anyone is keen on reducing the calorie intake, it might result in nutrient deficiency. Therefore, if low calorie diet is preferred by any person, it is important to take care that the food is rich in nutrients. Though vegetarians take low fat diets, they might be missing calcium supplementation, if they avoid milk and eggs. Females above 50 years and males above 70 years would need 1200mg of calcium and 800 IUs of vitamin D every day, for which the vegetarian adults (not taking milk) must depend on the calcium and vitamin B12 supplements. Multivitamin supplementation is considered extremely necessary when the person has undergone weight-loss surgery or when they are not exposed to sunlight or when they are pregnant or when the person is in severe need of nutrition.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rural India needs a boost in PCD franchise all over the country


India is a huge country, a large part of it falls under the rural sector. Thus, many of the modern day facilities like good communication and transport are yet to reach the remote areas. However, there has been a concerted effort to make health care reach the farthest corners, by both the governmental and the private authorities. With a number of hospitals and nursing homes on the rise at rural posts, the need to have PCD franchise all over these villages has grown louder.
In order to ensure that the shops are selling the right kind of medicines at the right prices, there needs to be a tough mechanism to oversee the whole process. Thus, the pharma shops have to go through the rigorous process of audit by certified agencies, which would check the skill of the human resource and the facilities provided by the equipment before approving the same. 

PCD Pharma Companies
Thus, the pharma franchise companies have to really work hard for getting licenses at the rural posts. In fact, the rural posts require more of stringency as the clients coming in are less aware of the medicines and their prices. In urban areas, there are people who know about where to complain in case of any malicious activity. In rural areas, people either lack the information or do not have a nearby place to go for registering their complaints.

Franchise Pharma
One more important aspect of the rural PCD pharma franchise is to ensure the availability of all kinds of drug 24X7. In fact, the rural areas have very poor quality of logistics, and especially in rainy season, there can be long delays in between supplies. Moreover, long and frequent power cuts can reduce the longevity of the drugs in stock. It thus becomes mandatory for them to keep power generators in order. Hence, a big investment is required for opening up such a franchise. However, people are still interested to open them up owing to the huge profit that is there for sure owing to the unexplored and needy rural healthcare sector.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Benefits of DHA during pregnancy


DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid with omega-3 long chain. DHA is present in every cell in the body. This molecule is very important for the development of eye, brain, and central nervous system. The pregnant mothers provide required DHA for the developing baby. DHA is derived from the type of food we take and hence the DHA supplied to the baby by the mother depends on the amount of DHA taken by the mother through her diet. DHA is not available in most of the prenatal vitamins. It is reported that many of the pregnant women in the United States do not take the recommended DHA in their diet. It is necessary for the leaders in this field to encourage women to know about the importance of DHA and take it as much as they need for their body. The ruling government has to take care that the food manufacturing organizations have to generate creative methods of providing DHA for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.


Nutrition and pregnancy - DHA


The researchers working on this compound currently say that the cognitive functioning of the developing baby is improved by DHA. DHA also decreases the risk involved with pre-term labor as well as with postpartum depression.

  • According to a study that was published in 2003 in the pediatrics journal, mothers who took DHA during their pregnancy could give birth to children who scored high on the intelligence tests at the age of 4. The children of the mothers who did not take DHA during their pregnancy did not show any improvement in their intelligence.
  • Another study was published in 2004 in Child development, which reported that the mothers who had high DHA levels during delivery, will give birth to infants, who in their first 6 months are more mature than the infants delivered by mothers having lower DHA levels in their blood.
  • It is also evaluated that babies fed by mother’s milk were found to have IQs between 6 and 10 points than those who are fed by outside milk. Nutritionists say that the reason being the availability of DHA to the baby during nursing.
  • In another clinical trial, women taking DHA supplements during their third trimester of egnancy were known to have increased the gestation period for about 6 days.
  • It is found in the research studies that low DHA levels are observed in mother’s milk as well as in red blood cells of women suffering from postpartum depression. Enhanced maternal DHA is found to be involved in the postpartum depression risk.

DHA supplement - Intake During Pregnancy

Experts on child health and development stated that the most vital brain development nutrient beneficial to the people of all ages is DHA. DHA efficiency largely supports babies inside the womb and children in the pre-school. The impact of DHA on children is more when the child is growing faster during his or her early years. DHA is considered as more important for babies in the womb, especially during last three month period, when the brain is growing rapidly. In the first three months of baby’s life, its brain will have tripled DHA content. DHA is a wonderful supplement that enhances the growth of the baby.DHA comes in various brands in India and one of the leading brands is OXI DHA of Rhone Pharmacie Private Limited. OXI DHA is in combination with Lycopene and Methylcobalamin which supplements the use of OXI DHA.

Lycopene supplements - Health Benefits


Lycopene is the substance belonging to the carotenoid group of compounds and it appears deep red in color in many of the foods like tomatoes. Lycopene is very popular as a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene is found in some fruits and vegetables. Lycopene content is mostly present in pink guava, tomatoes, pink grapefruits, papaya, rosehip and watermelon. It is suggested that lycopene is benefiting more when much of the food containing lycopene are taken. Lycopene is a most efficient antioxidant than the other carotenoids like beta-carotene

Lycopene function

The antioxidant activity of lycopene is found to be effective in maintenance of strength, fluidity and thickness of the cell membrane. Membranes of the cell, guard them and screen whatever enters into and goes out of the cell. The nutrients are allowed to enter into the cell through the membrane while the cellular waste is removed. Toxins are prevented from entering the cell. Many of the diseases are prevented by the healthy and strong cell membranes.

Health benefits

Lycopene is specifically useful to inhibit several cancer forms and helps in the treatment of several diseases and illnesses. Lycopene is known to avoid the oxidization of LDL cholesterol by free radicals so that the cholesterol does not get deposited inside the arteries and reduce the arterial blood flow. The research studies on infertility has revealed that lycopene helps in the infertility treatment. Some of the tests revealed that concentration of sperms in men is enhanced by lycopene. Diabetes can be prevented by lycopene. Lycopene is also observed to prevent skin aging, cataracts and age associated macular degeneration. Lycopene acts as an internal sunscreen and protects the skin from sunburns. Osteoporosis is prevented by lycopene. 

Dietary supplement

Lycopene is used as a dietary supplement and it is available either by itself or mixed with other substances in mixed formulations. It is available in oil-based form or soft-gel form. Any side-effects due to the intake of foods rich in lycopene or lycopene dietary supplements are not yet reported. Tomato extract is a popular lycopene natural supplement that is sold very widely.
At a recent conference, a researcher from the University of Toronto was explaining about the role of lycopene as an antioxidant. The researcher explained that this antioxidant will prevent the free radicals from damaging the new bone formation after the age stimulated bone loss. Another researcher was stressing on the impact of lycopene on the prevention of UV induced skin damage. 

Some research studies have reported that the benefits of lycopene are more in the regions where the lycopene concentrations are highest in the body like in the prostate gland. There is a research study reporting that patients taking 15 mg. of lycopene supplements for three weeks before the surgery for removing the prostate gland had shown improvement in the cancer intensity and their PSAscore  was also decreased. Vitamin research also revealed that higher levels of lycopene and beta carotene could protect the body from breast cancer. Animal research has shown that lycopene is beneficial in protecting the breast cancer development. Lycopene was found to be protective against heart attacks and in the form of tomato paste is found to be helpful in preventing the development of cardiovascular disease. It is the idea of the nutritionists that lycopene is efficiently absorbed when the tomato is heated with olive oil. Lycopene according to some studies has been proved to be beneficial for lowering the risks of bladder cancer, lung and pancreatic cancers.

In India Lycopene supplements are available in the market, some of them are Lycoron of Rhone Pharmacie Private Limited. This supplement is in the form of Oral Liquid as well as in the form of Softgel Capsules.







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