Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rural India needs a boost in PCD franchise all over the country

India is a huge country, a large part of it falls under the rural sector. Thus, many of the modern day facilities like good communication and transport are yet to reach the remote areas. However, there has been a concerted effort to make health care reach the farthest corners, by both the governmental and the private authorities. With a number of hospitals and nursing homes on the rise at rural posts, the need to have PCD franchise all over these villages has grown louder.
In order to ensure that the shops are selling the right kind of medicines at the right prices, there needs to be a tough mechanism to oversee the whole process. Thus, the pharma shops have to go through the rigorous process of audit by certified agencies, which would check the skill of the human resource and the facilities provided by the equipment before approving the same. 

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Thus, the pharma franchise companies have to really work hard for getting licenses at the rural posts. In fact, the rural posts require more of stringency as the clients coming in are less aware of the medicines and their prices. In urban areas, there are people who know about where to complain in case of any malicious activity. In rural areas, people either lack the information or do not have a nearby place to go for registering their complaints.

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One more important aspect of the rural PCD pharma franchise is to ensure the availability of all kinds of drug 24X7. In fact, the rural areas have very poor quality of logistics, and especially in rainy season, there can be long delays in between supplies. Moreover, long and frequent power cuts can reduce the longevity of the drugs in stock. It thus becomes mandatory for them to keep power generators in order. Hence, a big investment is required for opening up such a franchise. However, people are still interested to open them up owing to the huge profit that is there for sure owing to the unexplored and needy rural healthcare sector.


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