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Benefits of DHA during pregnancy

DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid with omega-3 long chain. DHA is present in every cell in the body. This molecule is very important for the development of eye, brain, and central nervous system. The pregnant mothers provide required DHA for the developing baby. DHA is derived from the type of food we take and hence the DHA supplied to the baby by the mother depends on the amount of DHA taken by the mother through her diet. DHA is not available in most of the prenatal vitamins. It is reported that many of the pregnant women in the United States do not take the recommended DHA in their diet. It is necessary for the leaders in this field to encourage women to know about the importance of DHA and take it as much as they need for their body. The ruling government has to take care that the food manufacturing organizations have to generate creative methods of providing DHA for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.


Nutrition and pregnancy - DHA


The researchers working on this compound currently say that the cognitive functioning of the developing baby is improved by DHA. DHA also decreases the risk involved with pre-term labor as well as with postpartum depression.

  • According to a study that was published in 2003 in the pediatrics journal, mothers who took DHA during their pregnancy could give birth to children who scored high on the intelligence tests at the age of 4. The children of the mothers who did not take DHA during their pregnancy did not show any improvement in their intelligence.
  • Another study was published in 2004 in Child development, which reported that the mothers who had high DHA levels during delivery, will give birth to infants, who in their first 6 months are more mature than the infants delivered by mothers having lower DHA levels in their blood.
  • It is also evaluated that babies fed by mother’s milk were found to have IQs between 6 and 10 points than those who are fed by outside milk. Nutritionists say that the reason being the availability of DHA to the baby during nursing.
  • In another clinical trial, women taking DHA supplements during their third trimester of egnancy were known to have increased the gestation period for about 6 days.
  • It is found in the research studies that low DHA levels are observed in mother’s milk as well as in red blood cells of women suffering from postpartum depression. Enhanced maternal DHA is found to be involved in the postpartum depression risk.

DHA supplement - Intake During Pregnancy

Experts on child health and development stated that the most vital brain development nutrient beneficial to the people of all ages is DHA. DHA efficiency largely supports babies inside the womb and children in the pre-school. The impact of DHA on children is more when the child is growing faster during his or her early years. DHA is considered as more important for babies in the womb, especially during last three month period, when the brain is growing rapidly. In the first three months of baby’s life, its brain will have tripled DHA content. DHA is a wonderful supplement that enhances the growth of the baby.DHA comes in various brands in India and one of the leading brands is OXI DHA of Rhone Pharmacie Private Limited. OXI DHA is in combination with Lycopene and Methylcobalamin which supplements the use of OXI DHA.


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